Phoenix House

Phoenix House (3 1/2-5 years)

Phoenix house offers a warm fun loving environment for your 3 1/2 – 5 year old with supportive teachers to engage and encourage your child in a range of learning experiences  that will allow them to explore, make meaning, experiment, challenge themselves and develop on those important foundation skills needed for the transition to school.  Children have the choice of a range of educational activities, materials and resources all throughout the day including art, play dough, music, blocks, family play, sandpit, carpentry, puzzles, books, manipulative toys and more.

What child wouldn’t want to play and learn at the same time!!

Transition to school

We believe it is important for children to have a smooth transition to school, therefore we encourage children to be confident and independent. The children are also encouraged to explore their interests, develop and maintain friendships, work alone and alongside others and explore activities in a range of curriculum areas such as- Numeracy, Literacy, Arts and Crafts, Science, music and movement, looking after our animals and outdoor play. We provide group times for the older children that encourage sharing of ideas and working as a team to support that important social development.

With the emphasis on independence at Phoenix House each day the children are encouraged to…..

  • Carry their own bags and hang them on a hook
  • Take care and responsibility for their belongings and ensure their things are put in the correct place.
  • Look after their classroom, resources and other children in Phoenix house.
  • Be confident to express their thoughts and ideas
  • Take control of their own learning and development, making sure their interests are recognised and explored.
  • Grow understanding and knowledge about right and wrong choices.
  • Understanding empathy and how to take care of others.

Early literacy for our four year olds is supported with our home reading programme, each week your child gets to take home a new book, this helps your child get familiar with the processes of school, encourage ownership, ensure we look after books, turn pages carefully, and have story time with Mum or Dad.

Children have the opportunity during group times to participate in writing activities. This is to encourage participation, sharing stories from home, writing skills and expression through drawings. Participating in group times allows children the opportunity to engage with their peers in small groups while also developing important school readiness skills.

We have also introduced mindfulness through meditation and yoga. Being able to focus our attention and regulate our emotions are two of the most important skills we must develop. One way we can help our children nurture these essential skills is by teaching them mindfulness — the ability to focus their attention on the present moment, and their ability to know what they’re feeling when they’re feeling it (and what might be a good thing to do about it).

We like to keep our families updated on recent events, discoveries, new learnings and day to day things that have been happening at Phoenix House.