Fantails House

Fantails House (3 months – 1 1/2 years)    

In the Fantails Room we love to nurture our children as well as care for their indivdual needs.  The most important thing is that your child has unique needs so we aim to work in partnership with you to personalise your child’s routine in a warm and loving home like environment.

With our babies it’s all about developing one on one connections, developing trust and building secure loving relationships and this we do by getting to know and understanding your child, through reading stories together, singing songs, talking and by sharing in their delight as they discover new things.

A calm predictable environment is also important where your child can experience the security of familiar faces, routines and smooth transitions throughout the day and feel at ease to explore and learn in their home away from home.  Our baby and toddlers  just love to discover and explore so our warm and cosy indoor area and large outdoor play area is set up perfectly for that with a wide range of resources and activities to encourage their inquisitive natures.

We like to keep our families updated on recent events, discoveries, new learnings and day to day things that have been happening at Fantails House.  To check out whats been happening in our room this month.