Welcome to the Kids Crafty Clubs Learning Centre

Nestled in the HOWICK VALLEY children experience a learning environment that will assist the adults of tomorrow get a great start today

“I Believe that helping to mould littlies minds together with their parents and families is the best job on earth. Together with my staff we can make it happen. Thank you for choosing Kids Crafty Clubs”  – Leesa Hill

Kids Crafty Club

Kids Crafty Clubs Mission Statement

To provide a supportive environment for children and their families in which they can achieve their fullest potential as individuals, family members of the greater community, in an atmosphere of shared responsibility between the centre personnel, children’s whanau and the community in which they live.

Kids Crafty Clubs Philosophy

Kids Crafty Clubs believes that children are unique individuals and therefore are our primary focus.
We believe children and their families must feel secure and happy within the centre environment in order for the children’s learning potential to be developed to its fullest.
Children’s potential to learn is maximised through child initiated play, scaffolding and hands on experience.
That each child’s learning will have been extended and enhanced by attending this quality service.